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Motorcycle rider with passenger, riding around cones
Practice practice, practice

You are never finished with learning to ride a motorcycle. Whether you are a fresh beginner or you ride for ages, there is always something to learn on top of what you know and are able to.

Realize, for instance, that motorcycle police officers go to a special training for riding twice a year. The goal is not that they become better and better riders: it's just to keep their riding capability on a certain level, and to get rid of bad habits that have been sneaking in.

So, for us, ordinary motorcycle riders, it's even more important to perform exercises regularly, and to keep being conscious of what you are doing.

On this site, we have gathered tips and advice on various aspects of motorcycle riding: about riding corners, about braking, about looking, about safety, etc etc. All pages are illustrated with photographs.

Below, you find an overview of these pages.


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