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If you want to use photographs from this site, please read here about the conditions under which you may do that.

We try to be as generous as possible, as you will see.

What we don't want, however, is that parts of the text of our pages (or pages as a whole) are copied. The world wide web has links for that purpose ;-)


On this page:

Use a photograph

You may use the photographs on this website on your own website, only if the following conditions are met:

->  you add the source for the photograph, with a link to this site, such as:
"Photograph from <a href="">the Lazy Motorbike site</a>".

->  you use the photograph through a link to the photograph as it is put on this site: the idea is that you don't copy the photograph to your own site.

->  your site is not a company site. Sometimes it's hard to tell what is and what is not: when in doubt, please contact us.

->  you send an email to us with a link to the place where you use the photograph.

It's also possible to use a photographs without these requirements. In that case, we agree to a price per month of use. In such a case, send us an email so that we can come to an agreement.

When you want to use a photo for another purpose, such as a presentation or in print, please contact me, and we will discuss the possibilities (and for instance send the original of the photograph, in a higher resolution).


Copyright photographs

The copyright of the photographs stays with us (Ernst Anepool and Sylvia Stuurman).

And we hope very much that they please many people!


Copyright text

It is not allowed to copy text of this website!

What is allowed, is to place a link to the site or a page of this site. And of course, we like to hear about that, so it would be nice if you would mail us about it.


Comments, Q & A, on a separate page